The Utah Women's Forum is a nonpartisan, nonprofit network organization for women of outstanding accomplishment in diverse fields. The purpose of the Utah Women's Forum is to identify and bring together women who are business, professional, and civic leaders, in order to build and foster a network of communication, enhance the status of women, and undertake selected community service. Through this web page, the Forum offers support to all women seeking to enhance their lives.


The Utah Women's Forum began informally in the mid-1980s, spearheaded by public relations specialist Mary Kay Lazarus, who had learned of an organization of prominent professional women in Washington, D.C. Lazarus began discussing the idea of forming a similar group in Salt Lake City with Genevieve Atwood, the state Geologist and a former member of the Utah House of Representatives; and Karen Shepherd, the editor of Network Magazine who would eventually become a U.S. congresswoman for Utah's 2nd District.

The focus was to find a way for Utah's women leaders from diverse fields to get to know one another and not feel so isolated in their top positions. Bylaws were adopted in 1986, and the group has grown to an invited membership of 150.

UWF is a nonprofit 501C-4 organization that engages in advocacy only in the broadest sense of support for other women.

Some Original Members

Karen Shepherd, Mary Kay Lazarus, Genevieve Atwood

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