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Guidelines for Nominating New Members 2023-2024

Thank you for nominating a prospective member to the Utah Women’s Forum.  New members strengthen our organization by sharing their knowledge, insights, energy, and commitment.

These guidelines will help you shape a successful nomination.

Mission Statement:

“The Utah Women’s Forum is a non-partisan, non-profit organization of women of outstanding accomplishments in diverse fields.  The purpose of the Utah Women’s Forum is to identify and bring together women in business, professional and civic leaders to build and foster a network of communication, enhance the status of women, and undertake selected community service.  Through prominent speakers and programs on timely issues, the Utah Women’s Forum seeks to enlighten and inform its members, as well as provide an open forum for the exchange of ideas.  The Utah Women’s Forum does not endorse public policy issues, individuals, or political candidates.”

Key criteria for membership:

We seek:

  •  Emerging, mid-career and established leaders from the business, nonprofit, government, education, and cultural sectors.
  •  Diversity in age, political views, career paths, ethnic and geographic backgrounds.
  •  Nominees who have demonstrated support for enhancing the status of women.
  •  Nominations should include one or more examples of work or volunteer activities.

What the Forum expects of members:

  • Members are requested to participate actively in the Utah Women’s Forum by attending at least three Forum-related events every year, whether regular monthly meetings, small group dinners, special events or social gatherings.
  •  We invite members to take part in Forum community service initiatives.
  •  To strengthen our network of communication, we ask that members fill out an online profile.
  •  Members pay annual dues, currently set at $100.

Guidelines for submitting nominations:

  • The Membership Committee will set the schedule for acceptance of nominations.  These will be announced through e-mail, the newsletter and at member meetings. For 2023-2024, the nomination deadline is Monday, May 1, 2024.
  • Forum members may nominate one woman for membership during any period that nominations are accepted. The nominator must have been a member of the Utah Women’s Forum for at least one year in order to be able to submit a nomination for a new member. The reason behind this is that we want new members to be appropriately coached and integrated into the forum, so the first year is all about themselves and their integration into the group.
  • Nominations are transparent.  Nominees should be notified that they are being nominated and should be provided with an overview of the Utah Women’s Forum purpose, its activities, and expectations.  Prospective members should have attended at least one program meeting (luncheon or evening program) in order to determine whether Forum membership would benefit her.
  • The nominations must include a summary letter from the nominator and a completed nomination form that includes the names of two Forum members who know the nominee and would be willing to speak to her qualifications for membership or an explanation about why other forum members do not know the person.  In addition, the nomination should include a short essay from the nominee about how she has supported the advancement of women and why.  There are eight pieces of information requested in the summary letter to be provided (see nomination form).
  • The nominations should be submitted to the Membership Chair electronically by the May 1deadline.
  • The Membership Chair will notify the nominator of the outcome of the nomination review.  The nominator should notify the nominee.  The new member will receive a letter and welcome packet from the Forum.

Mentoring the new member:

  • Nominators are responsible for mentoring their new member by being a “buddy” throughout the year.  Accompanying the member to events, making introductions, and checking in periodically to assess engagement will help her feel welcome and comfortable in participating.
  • Nominators also are asked to introduce their nominee at the first member meeting following their acceptance to membership and at the summer social.

If you have questions, contact the Membership Chair, Elizabeth Garbe at Elizabeth.Garbe@uw.org.

Again, thank you for investing your time to nominate a new member of the Utah Women’s Forum.

Fill out the nomination form online or download a fillable nomination form.

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